Articles by His Holiness:


   1.   The Syrian Orthodox Church at a Glance   (external link to Syriac Orthodox Resources website)

   2.   Monastic Life in the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch

   3.   Identity of the Syrian Orthodox Church

   4.   Tradition

   5.   Fasting: A Definition

   6.   The Angels: AN Introduction

   7.   Role of Women in Syrian Orthodox Church

   8.   A Short Overview of the Common History of the Syrian Church with Islam through the Centuries

   9.   Necessity and Signs of "Communio" between the local Churches

 10.   The Reception of Councils

 11.   The Mysteries of Incarnation And Redemption




    Encyclicals:  (Syriac Orthodox Resources (http://sor.cua.edu) & Syrian Orthodox western US archdiocesan websites)


[2011 Feb 02] Lent Encyclical [ English ·  Syriac  ·  Arabic]
[2010 Jan 25] Lent Encyclical [ English · Syriac · Arabic · Turkish ]
[2009 Feb 07] Lent Encyclical [ English · Syriac]
[2008 Jan 08] Lent Encyclical [English · Syriac]
[2007 Jan 20] Lent Encyclical [English · Syriac]
[2006 Dec — ] Encyclical to Churches in the Gulf Region with Christmas Greetings
[2005 Dec 06] Encyclical to Churches in the Gulf Region with Christmas Greetings
[2005 Feb 28] Encyclical to Malankara Archdiocese of North America with Easter Greetings
[2004 Dec 28] Encyclical to Churches in the Persian Gulf urging help with relief efforts for tsunami victims
[2004 Dec 28] Christmas Greetings
[2004 Jan 30] Lent Encyclical
[2003 Feb 17] Lent Encyclical
[2002 Jan 24] Lent Encyclical
[2001 Dec 22] Christmas Tidings
[2001 Sep — ] Condemning Attack on the World Trade Center, New York
[2001 Feb 10] Lent Encyclical
[2000 Apr 09] On Mor Gregorius 'Abd-al Jalil and Mor Ostatheos Sleeba
[2000 Feb 12] Lent Encyclical; 1500th Anniversary of Mor Ya'qub Burd'ono and Queen Theodora
[1999 Dec 07] Christmas Tidings
[1999 Mar 14] Eight Hundredth Anniversary of Patriarch Mor Mikhayel Rabo
[1999 Feb 25] Condoling the departure of Mor Gregorius, Perumpilly
[1998 Jan 01] Lent Encyclical
[1987 Oct 20] Permitting the additions to the diptychs used in Malankara
[1981 Nov 29] On the name of the Church



     Some of the other published works of His Holiness:


1. “Al-Markat fi Amal Rai Al-Ruaat Mar Ignatius Yacoub III”

(The Ascent-Works of Mor Ignatius Yacoub III, the Shepherd of Shepherds). The first  book issued by His Holiness in 1958. It includes a historical overview of the town of Bartallehi and a biography of the Late Patriarch Yacoub III with a description of his Apostolic Visits to South America, the villages of Homs and Aleppo. (350pp).


2. “Husn Al-Shahada wa Al-Adaa fi Sir’rai Al-Tajassud wa Al-Fidaa aou Akidat Al-Tajassud Al-Ilahi” (Perfection of Witness and Deeds in the Sacraments of Incarnation and Redemption or The Doctrine of Divine Incarnation). It is a treatise on the theme of Incarnation and Redemption from theological, doctrinal and historical points of view. Issued in 1959 (86pp)


3. “Al-mishkat fi ziyarat Rai Al-Ruat Mar Ignatius Yacoub III” (The Lamp-the Visit of Mor Ignatius Yacoub III, The Shepherd of Shepherds). Issued in 1960. It includes a description of the Apostolic Visits of his predecessor, the Late Patriarch Yacoub III to Zahleh, Egypt, Jordan, USA and Canada. (160pp).


4. “Silsilat al-Tahtheeb Al-Maseehi” (Series of Christian Ethics). 4 vols. (220pp) issued in 1967. Mosul ed.


5. “Al-Asrar Al-saba” (The Seven Sacraments). A theological and liturgical treatise issued in 1970 in cooperation with Priest Ishaq Saka (later Archbishop) (220pp).


6. Sirat Mar Aphram Al-Suryani” (Biography of St. Ephrem the Syrian) issued in 1974 mainly for distribution among the participants in Ephrem Hunain Festival in Baghdad. Published by the Syriac Language Academy in Baghdad. 84pp).


7. “Al-Hamama” (The Dove). A summary of the austere life style of ascetics and biographies of anchorities by Bar Hebraeus, Catholicos of the East. A critical comparison of the old Syriac manuscript copied four years after the death of Bar Hebraeus with the older Syriac copes. Translated into Arabic with an introduction written by His Holiness in which he touched upon the life of Bar Hebraeus and his works. He also had concise quotations from the English translation written by the Dutch Oirentalist Winsink, who died in 1939 which served as a second introduction to the book. (260pp).


8. “Kanisat Antakia Al-Suriania Al-Orthodoxia Ibra Al-Ousour” (The Syrian Orthodox Church Through the Ages). A general historical treatise on the Church. Issued in 1980. 40pp. Translated into English.


9. “Qissat Ahl Al-kahft fi almasader al-Suriania” (The Story of the People of the Cave according to Syriac References). A historical and theological treatise (40pp).


10. “Hassad Al-Mawaez” (Harvest of Homilies) 2 vols. A collection of Homilies delivered by His Holiness at the St. George Cathedral in Damascus at Christmas and Easter and on other religious occasions. Patriarchal Encyclicals, Spiritual Discourses and biographies of some celebrated personalities. First vol. Issued in 1984. (167pp) Second Vol. issued in 1988. (200pp)


11. Masabeeh Ala Al Tareeq” (Lanterns on the Road) A collection of treatises including religious literature, Ecclesiastic History, Social life and biographies of saints. (184pp).


12. “Nujoom Satea fi Samaa Al-Kanisha” (Luminous Stars in the Church) includes biographies of  celebrated Syrian Fathers, Mar philoxenos of Mabbug +523, Mar Gregory I, Patriarch of Antioch  +790, Mar Jacob of Edessa +708, Patriarch Dionysius Al-Talmahri +845, all of whom were included in the collection of theological, historical and spiritual treatises.


13. “Raihat Al-Maseeh Al-Zakiah” (The Sweet Fragrance of Jesus)


14. A collection of treatises dealing with ecumenical issues:

        1-  The Church and the basics of ecumenical Councils in it.

        2-  Acceptance of Councils.

        3-  Fellowship among local churches and the Syrian Church and Christian Unity.

        4- Views of an Observer at Lambeth Conference.


15. Religious, Literary and Historical Treatises

        1-  An illustrious page of the history of Syriac Literature.

        2-  Religious values and Family Planning.

        3-  The Doctrine of the One Nature of Christ in the Syrian Liturgy.


 16. “Nafahat Kadasah” (Fragrances of Holiness) edited by Father Dr. Mitri Haji Athansiu with an introduction written by him. It includes stories of some saints: St Thomas, St. Ibrahim Al-Kaidouni, St. Ephrem, St. Mathew the hermit and the two martyrs Behnam and his sister Sarah and the forty Martyrs.


 17. Saint Peter, the Chief of the Apostles in the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch.


18. The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch and the canonical Councils.


 19. A selection of Patriarchal Encyclicals issued in 1997. (247 pp).


 20. Illustrious pages of the history of the Church in 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.  Vol I issued in 1997. (144pp).


 21. The Role of Women in the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, issued in 1998. (31pp)


 22. Religious Homilies under the title “Baidar Al-Mawaez” (Threshing floor of Homilies). Vol. I issued in 1997 (255pp)


 23. Historical, Religious and Literary Presentations. Vol. I issued in 1998.  (240pp).


 24. Theological, Doctrinal, Historical and Spiritual Presentations. Vol 2 issued in 1998 (447pp)


 25. Historical, Theological and Spiritual presentations. Vol 3 issued in 2000. (296pp)


 26. Other works:  The Patriarchal Journal 25 Volumes (from 1980 onwards). Published by His Holiness under His personal supervision. His Holiness Has been writing in it since his enthronement on September 14, 1980.

Numerous articles on the Doctrine, Spirituality, History and linguistics also have been published by His Holiness in the Patriarchal Journal and some works are under print.