Mor Anthonious Yaqu'b

(Metropolitan for Mangalore Diocese & Asst. Metropolitan of St. Antony's Mission, Honnavar)


Born on - 12 July 1952
Family Name - Plamthottathil House, Kalamboor near Piravom in Ernakulam District
Education - M.A Sociology from Mysore University
Theological Studies - Malecruz Dayro, Puthencruz, Kerala
Kooroyo - 3February 1977    (ordained by H.G. Dr. Thomas Mor Osthatheos Metropolitan)
Kassisso - 11 May 1979           (ordained by H.B. Catholicos Baselios Thomas I)
Ramban   20 August 2009     (ordained by H.G. Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis, Patriarchal Assistant)
Metropolitan - 23 August 2009      (ordained by H.H. Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I)
Current Responsibility - Metropolitan for Mangalore Diocese
    Auxiliary Metropolitan of St. Antony's Mission, Honnavar


Metropolitan Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b was born on 12th July 1952 as the fourth son of late Mr. K.C John and Mrs Eliyamma John, Plamthottathil House, in the small village of Kalamboor near Piravom in Ernakulam District, Kerala. His father (ancestors family) was member of St. George’s Jacobite Syrian Church, Kalamboor (Kandanad Diocese). His mother was from the Maliekal family, Pravom (sister of Maliekal Vaidyan) - were members of St. Mary’s Valiyapally Piravam ( Kandanad Diocese). His mother was the grand daughter of the sister of  late lamented Saint Paulose Mor Koorilos (Panampady Thiumeni) and also close relatives of late lamented Dr. Thomas Mor Osthatheos, (Pachilakkattu) Metropolitan. In 1959, his parents along with the relatives migrated to Kullanki Village in Kundapur Taluk, Udipi, Karnataka. His family took the initiative to build a new Church at Athyady along with the other seven  Jaconbite familes, which has turned up to 100 families.


The Metropolitan had his primary Education at the Byndoor Govt. School and Honnavar Mission School and Pre-Univeristy from Buttercartas College Kundapur. In the early childhood itself he was fascinated by the Holy Fathers and Saints and was keen on the religious and Church activities. During 1975-1979 the Metropolitan completed his Seminary Course from the Malecruz Dayro, Puthencruz, Kerala and Syriac studies under Rev. Joseph Sir ( presently Very. Rev. Phinehas Remban), late lamented H.G. Dr. Paulose Mor Athanasius Metropolitan (Kadavil Thirumeni II), H.G. Yakob Mor Themothios Metropolitan (Thrikkothamangalam), Rev. Fr. R. V Markose (late H.G. Markose Mor Koorilos Metropolitan) and Very. Rev. Skariya Cor-Episcopa.


On 3rd February  1977 the late lamented Dr. Thomas Mor Osthatheos Metropolitan (his maternal uncle) ordained young Jacob a Korooyo at Malecruz Dayro Church and  got ordained as ‘Samsono’ (full deacon) on 23rd February 1979 by late lamented Catholicose H.B. Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II, at Moovattupuzha Catholicate Cathedral. On 11th May 1979, the late lamented Catholicose H.B. Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II ordained him a Kassisso (priest), at the St. Mary’s Jacobite Syriuan Church, Athyady, Karnataka. In the meanwhile he acquired M.A Sociology from Mysore University. He got ordained as Cor-Episcopo on 18th February 2003 by   H.G. Geevargese Mor  Polycarpus  Metropolitan, at the St. Mary’s Soonoro Jacobite Syrian Church, Renjilady and was since then known as Very Rev. P. J. Jacob Cor Episcopa.


The Metropolitan has served as the Manger of St. Antony’s Mission &  Educational Society from 1996 to 1999. He is continuing as Manger from 2002 onwards.  He is also serving as manger of St. George's PUC College, Nellyady, St. Antony’s, Udane, Jeppu St. Antony’s , Honnavar Higher Elementary School, Davengere Higher Primary school and the Director of St. Antony’s Orphanage, Honnavar, Brahmavar, Melegre’s church, Snehalaya old-age Home, Brahmavar Afa-Omega Retreat Centre. He was Managing Committee member of the Evangelistic Association of the East for a long time.


He served as Vicar in  the St. Peter’s & Paul’s  Church in Shirady, St. Mary’s Soonoro Church in Renjilady, St. Thomas  Church in Nelliady, St. George’s Church in Shibaje, St. Simmon’s Church in  Ichilampady, St.Mary’s Church in Kunthoor, Karnataka  under the Evangelistic Association of the East and St. Antony’s Church in Jeppu, Mangalore, St. Milagre’s Church in Brahmavar, St. George’s Church in Madhyody, St. Antony’s Church in Honnavar and St. Mary’s Church in Athyady under Honnavar Mission.


On 20th August 2009, the Very Rev. P. J.Jacob Cor Episcopa  was ordained a Raban (monk) by H.E Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis, the Patriarchal Assistant, assisted by H.E Mor Dionnasios Behanam Jajavi, H.G Dr. Mor Gregorios Joseph (Metropolitan of Diocese of Kochi & Secretary to the Holy Episcopal Synod in Malankara) and H.G Mor Yulios Kuriakose (Metropolitan of Simhasana Churches & Institutions in Malankara). Final consummation service of ordination was blessed by H.H The Patriarch.


On August 23rd, 2009 in a divine ceremony held at the St. Peter's & St. Paul's Cathedral in the Monastery of St. Aphrem the Syrian, Ma`rrat Sayyidnaya, Damascus, His Holiness Ignatius Zakka-I Iwas, the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East and the Supreme head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, ordained Very. Rev. Yaq'ub Ramban from IndiaAuxiliary Metropolitan, by name Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b, for the St. Antony's Mission in Honnavar under the Evangelical Association of the East.  The Catholicos His Beatitude Aboon Mor Baselious Thomas I, Their Eminences Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis (the Patriarchal Assistant), Mor Dionnasios Behanam Jajavi (Retired), Mor Severius Ishak Zaka (Metropolitan of St. Aphrem Seminary, Mosul), Mor Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim (Archbishop of Aleppo & Environs), Mor Selwanos Petros AL-nemeh (Metropolitan of Homs & Hama), Mor Yulios Kuriakose (Senior Metropolitan of the Simhasana churches & Institutions in India, Mor Gregorios Joseph (Metropolitan of Kochi Diocese & Malankara Episcopal Synod Secretary) and Mor Aphrem Mathews (Auxiliary Metropolitan of Angmali-High Range Diocese and Metropolitan of UAE) attended and assisted His Holiness at this blessed consecration ceremony. The solemn function was also attended by a large gathering of Rabans (Monks), Priests, Deacons, Nuns, the Syrian Orthodox Faithful and other Distinguished Guests from Syria, India and Syriac Orthodox Faithful from Malankara.


His Grace on ordination was given the responsibility of St. Antony's Mission, Honnavar as the Auxiliary Metropolitan under Mor Polycorpus Geevarghese. Since the formation of Mangalore diocese in 2011 as per the decision of the Malankara Synod, His Grace holds the full charge of the new diocese.


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Photo taken during the Metropolitan consecration ceremony held on 23rd August 2009 at the St. Petre's & St. Paul's Cathedral in Mor Aphrem Seminary, Damascus

From left: Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis, Mor Aphrem Mathews, Mor Gregorios Joseph, Mor Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, Mor Anthonious Yacoub,

His Holiness,  His Beatitude, Mor Dionnasios Behanam Jajavi, Mor Severius Ishak Zaka, Mor Yulios Kuriakose, Mor Selwanos Petros AL-nemeh 




H.G. Mor Athonoios Yaqu'b during the Metropolitan consecration ceremony led by H.H. Patriarch,

Also seen is the His Beatitude the Catholicos

(23 August 2009)


The Newly ordained Metropolitan Mor Athonoios Yaqu'b, with His Holiness the Patriarch, His Beatitude the Catholicos,

Mor Gregorios Joseph, the Malankara Synod Secretary and

Mor Aphrem Mathews, Metropolitan of High range Region (23 August 2009)




His Holiness the Patriarch presenting the bishop's Staff to the newly ordained Metropolitan

 (23 August 2009)




His Holiness the Patriarch greeting the newly ordained Metropolitan

 (23 August 2009)




[a]   Photos of Metropolitan Consecration held  at the Patriarchal Cathedral, Damascus, Syria on July 14, 2009:



[b]   Photos of 'Sunthroniso' of H.G Mor Anthonios Yaq'ub  held at Mangalore on September 9, 2009