Mor Aphrem Mathews
Metropolitan of Perumbavur Region of Angamali Diocese


Born - 05-Aug-1968
Family Name - Chitteth House, Arincherumala, Wayanad District
Parish Church St. George Church, Kaniyambatta, Malabar diocese
Education - BA Economics from Calicut University, M.A. Economics from Maharajas College, Ernakulam
Theological Studies - Diploma in Theology from Malecuriz Dayro & M.S.O.T. Seminary, Mulanthuruthy
B.D. from United Theological College, Bangalore

M.Th. from United Theological College, Bangalore

Korooyo - 14 March 1991 (Ordained by H.G. Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon)
Apodyaqno   19 April 1993 (Ordained by Late H.G. Mor Gregorious Geevarghese)
Kassisso - 27 May 1994 (ordained by H.G. Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon)
Ramban - 02 July 2006  (ordained by Catholicos H.B. Baselios Thomas I)  
Metropolitan - 03 July 2006  (ordained by Catholicos H.B. Baselios Thomas I)
Current Responsibilities -

1. Asst. Metropolitan of Perubavur Region of Angamali Diocese



H.G. Mathews Mor Aphrem was born in the Chitteth family at Arincherumala, Wayanad district to Mr. Scaria and Sosamma on 5th August 1968. The family belonged to the St. George church at Kaniyambatta in Malabar diocese. His schooling was at government Shool Panamaram, Wyanad.

In 1988, he was awarded Bachelors degree in Economics from the Calicut University.  In 1989 he joined for theological studies at Malecuriz Dayro and later completed the theological diploma course at Malankara Syrian Orthodox Seminary (MSOT seminary) in 1992. Soon after the completion of seminary course he was appointed as a teacher of Syriac Liturgical Music at the MSOT seminary Mulanthuruthy. In 1992 he joined for Masters in Economics at Maharajas College Ernakulam & received the Masters degree from the Mahatma Gandhi University in 1994.

On 27th May 1994 he was ordained Kassisso by H.G. Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon, the Metropolitan of Malabar diocese. His first appointment as Priest was at St. Mary's church in Velamcode (Malabar Diocese). Afterwards, in 1994 he joined the United Theological College in Bangalore and received B.D. in 1998. Thereafter, he was appointed the Vicar of St. Mary's church in Poothadi (Malabar diocese). In 1999 he joined for M.Th at United Theological College Bangalore and received Masters degree in the field of Systematic Theology in 2001. During his period of study in Bangalore, he served as parish priest at St. Mary’s Syrian Orthodox Church Queens Road, Krishnarajapuram, Mathikkre, Ananthapur & Mysore (all outside Kerala Diocese).

After attaining the Master degree in Theology, he joined the teaching faculty at the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary in Mulanthuruthy. There he taught Systematic Theology, Orthodox faith, Syriac liturgical Music (Bethgazo) and Hebrew for two years. During this period he also served as the student warden, bursar & Malpan at the seminary. While teaching at the MSOT seminary he also served as Vicar at St. George Simhasana church Pambra, St. George Perumpally Simhasana Church, St. Mary’s Earoor (Cochin diocese), and St. Mary’s Church Chembu (kandanad diocese). 

In 2004 he left to United States for higher education. During his studies in U.S, he served as the Vicar at St. Mary's Church in Denver, St. Mary's Church in Detroit and later St. Mary's Church in Canada, all under the Malankara Archdiocese of North America.

In May 2006, the Holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara took the decision to form a new diocese comprising of the High Range area in Angamali diocese and subsequently the diocesan council of Angamali also approved it.  Later the general assembly of churches of the new diocese met at Adimali church and unanimously suggested the name of Fr. C.S. James for the highest order of bishop-hood.  This decision of the diocesan council was later endorsed by the supreme head of the Church, the Patriarch, Malankara Episcopal Synod headed by the Catholicos, the Church working committee and the Managing committee.

On 2nd July 2006, Fr. C S James was ordained Ramban (Dayroyo) with the name 'NAHUM' by the Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I at the Karingachira St. George's Cathedral.

A day after on Monday the 3rd July 2006, on St. Thomas day, five Rambans including the newly ordained Ramban Nahum, were raised to order of Metropolitan by the  spiritual head of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church His Beatitude the Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I at the St. Thomas church in North Paravur.  Henceforth, the newly ordained Metropolitan for High range region of Angamali diocese came to be known as APHREM; the official name being Mor Aphrem Mathews.

Metropolitans His Graces, Mor Philoxenos Yuhanon (Malabar), Mor Thimotheos Thomas (Kottayam & outside Kerala), Mor Gregorios Joseph (Kochi), Mor Ivanios Mathews (Kandanad), Mor Milithios Yuhanon (Thumbamon), Mor Yulius Kurikose (Simhasana churches), Mor Dionysius Geevarghese (Simhasana churches), Mor Theophilos Kuriakose (Seminary & Europe) and Mor Severios Kuriakose (Knanaya) assisted His Beatitude the Catholicos in the Holy Consecration ceremony. 

His Grace Mor Aphrem Mathews on Episcopal consecration was given charge of the High-Range region in the Angamali diocese under the Catholicos Baselios Thomas I Bava who is also the diocesan Metropolitan. At present His Grace hold the charge of Perumbavur region of the Angamali diocese.


Letter of obedience being read by the 5 Metropolitans, before the Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I Bava


Metropolitan's Staff being raised by H.G. Mathews Mor Aphrem



More Photos of the Consecration ceremony available at: