Mor Osthatheos Pathros
(Asst. Metropolitan of Bangalore diocese & Patriarchal Vicar of Bahrain & Singapore)


Born on - 12 November 1963
Family Name - Pulikottil, Pengamuck, Kunnamkulam
Parish Church - St. Paulís Jacobite Syrian Church in Pengamuck, Kunnamkulam

St. Maryís Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Coimbatore

Education - B A English (Lit) from Madras University.
Theological Studies - Theological Course at MSOT Seminary. Mulanthuruthy.
    B.D. from Kolkata Bishopís College (Serampur University)
    M.Th. from Bangalore, Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram.
Korooyo - 19 December 1993  (ordained by H.G. Thimotheos Thomas)
Kassisso - 06 August 1995  (ordained by H.G. Thimotheos Thomas)
Ramban - 02 July 2006  (ordained by Catholicos H.B. Baselios Thomas I)
Metropolitan - 03 July 2006  (ordained by Catholicos H.B. Baselios Thomas I)
Current Responsibilities - Metropolitan of Bahrain & Singapore
    Metropolitan in charge of Biblical Academy in Puthencuriz
    Asst. Metropolitan for Bangalore Diocese


H.G. Pathros Mor Osthatheos  was born in the priestly family of Pulikottil in Pengamuck, Kunnamkulam on 12 November 1963 to late P C Chacko and Salome Chacko. Many eminent prelates and scholarly Priests have been in the family in the past. Late lamented Joseph Mor Dionysius V (1865-1909), who led the Church as Malankara Metropolitan during one of its most difficult period belonged to the Pulikottil family. The particular branch of the family to which His Grace belonged to were members of the St. Paulís Jacobite Syrian Church in Pengamuck, Kunnamkulam before his parents shifted residence to Coimbatore. There they took membership in the St. Maryís Jacobite Syrian church. His Grace's schooling and college education were at Coimbatore. In 1990 he joined with late Mor Theophilos Thomas, the former Metropolitan of Outside Kerala diocese and the resident bishop of Malankara seminary, as his personal aide and secretary. The same year he enrolled as a student in theology at the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Seminary, Udayagiri and completed the course in 1993.

On 19th December 1993 he was ordained Deacon by the Metropolitan of Outside Kerala diocese, Mor Thimotheos Thomas. Around this period he enrolled as a student of English literature in the Madras University and successfully completed the course.

On 6th august 1995, His Grace was ordained Kassisso and was appointed as the Vicar of the St. Mary's Church at Kolkatta. H.G's official name was then Fr. Ekbi Chacko Pulikottil. He was the guiding force behind the construction of the present church building in Kolkatta. Even when he was fully devoted to his pastoral responsibilities, he did not ignore his deep desire for higher education. He joined the Bishop's College, Calcutta as a student and obtained B.D. degree during his stay in Kolkatta.

After serving the Kolkatta parish for five years, he was posted as the vicar of his home parish at Coimbatore in 2000. He used every opportunity for the development church as well as the Christian community there. His initiative and hard work helped a great in the formation of 'Coimbatore Christian Ecumenical Fellowship', an ecumenical organization of 7 churches in Coimbatore. While serving as the parish vicar of the St. Mary's church at Coimbatore, he joined the Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram in Bangalore to have his Master's degree in Theology. In those days he used to commute every week between Bangalore and Coimbatore which was a great physical strain for a priest like him who had the complete responsibility of a parish. In 2003 he was awarded the Masters degree in theology from that reputed college.

During the Annual General Body meeting of the Archdiocese of Greater India (Outside-Kerala Archdiocese) held in Pune in September 2003, Rev. Fr. Ekbi Chacko was elected as diocesan secretary. His organizational abilities and general acceptability helped him to get reelected for the same post again in 2005.

Consequent to the repeated request of the diocesan Metropolitan H.G. Thomas Mor Thimotheos, to appoint an assistant Metropolitan for New Delhi region, the general council of the Archdiocese met at Secundrabad church on 21st January 2004 and unanimously elected Rev. Ekbi Chacko Kassiso as their future Metropolitan. The same year he was posted as the vicar of the New Delhi St. Peter's Church. In September 2004, when the supreme head of the Syrian Church the Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas visited Malankara, His Holiness came to New Delhi as well, to consecrate and declare the St. Peter's Church here as the Cathedral of the Patriarch of Antioch in India. Rev. Fr. Ekbi Chacko was in the forefront in organizing the unique event.

In June 2006, the Malankara Episcopal Synod meeting presided over by the Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I at Puthencuriz, approved for bishop-hood the names of five priests, chosen by the respective dioceses of Kollam, Niranam, Thrissur, High Range region of Angamali and the New Delhi region of Outside Kerala dioceses. Subsequently these requests for Episcopal consecrations were forwarded to the  supreme head of the Church His Holiness the Patriarch Ignatius Zakka I Iwas and received the final consent. Thus on 2nd July 2006, Fr. Ekbi Chacko Pulikottil was ordained Ramban (Dayroyo) with name 'HAGGAI' by the Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I at the Karingachira St. George's Cathedral.

A day after on Monday the 3rd July 2006, on St. Thomas day, five Rambans including the newly ordained Ramban Haggai were raised to order of Metropolitan by the  spiritual head of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church His Beatitude the Catholicos Aboon Mor Baselios Thomas I at the St. Thomas church in North Paravur.  All the Metropolitans of the Malankara Church assisted His Beatitude during the Holy ceremony.

It was in the same church at North Paravur the Patriarch of Antioch & all the East H.H. Ignatius Peter IV had ordained four Metropolitans including St. Gregorios of Parumala (Chathuruthil Kochu Thirumeni) in A.D 1876. With the Episcopal consecration, the new Metropolitan assumed the name, Mor Osthatheos Pathros. His Grace was ordained as the Auxiliary bishop of the New Delhi region in the Archdiocese of Greater India. In 2009, His Grace was relieved from the charge of New Delhi diocese and was appointed as Metropolitan for the Biblical Academy based at Puthencuriz Church headquarters. The Holy Synod in 2010 entrusted with His Grace the charge of churches in Bahrain and Singapore also. Since January 2011, His Grace holds the additional charge of the Bangalore diocese as well, as Assistant to His Beatitude the Catholicos.

Consecration ceremony of H.G. Pathros Mor Osthatheos and four Metropolitans


Newly ordained Metropolitan H.G. Pathros Mor Osthatheos blessing the faithful



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