Nadamel Marth Mariam Church, Tripunithura was founded around 12th century A.D. by the parishioners of Karingachira Church. The church was established in the land donated by Valamthuruthy Bhattathiri whose illam (joint family) was afflicted by an illness which was cured through the intercession of the Holy Virgin. For centuries, this family used to donate coconut oil for lighting lamps during the festival of Makaram 15th. Following the Koonen Kurishu Sathyam, this parish was also affected by the schism. In 1825, a group of parishioners loyal to Rome, separated from the church after obtaining a share from the church and established the St. Mary's Forane church to the south of Nadamel church. Nadamel church was patronised by the Cochin royal family. Whenever a new highness ascends the throne (on the 11th day after the demise of the departed Highness), he would make an offering called sharkara thattu veypu in person at the church. It was customary for the Royal Highnesses of Cochin to meet the bishops and leaders of the Syrian Christian community at the church building to the south of this church.

The altar of the Church bearing beautiful carvings announces its relation with the ancient artistic as well as religious importance. The Throne Room - the resting room of Holy Fathers, decorated with monumental furniture's - another important sight reflecting aesthetic scene.    


12th century Establishment of the church


Few members of the Nadamel church, upholding Roman supremacy, set up a new church by name St.Mary's Ferona Church


Census of family members of the church was taken by Archdeacon Geevarghese Mookencheri


Reconstruction of Kurizhupally in the name of St.George


Formation of deed of agreement


Encased the Holy Relics of Mor Kaumo by Poulose Mor Sevarios


Visit of H.H. Ignatius Zakka I, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the East


Centenary celebration of Ramban Geevarghese Mookencheril


Renovation of the Kurizhupally




Photos taken on 19 February 2004



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