The St. George Simhasana Church at Perumpilly stands on the site where a Sunday school was started by Saintly Parumala Thirumeni over a 100 years ago, and where Thirumeni used to spend long hours in meditation and solitude. This place which was known as 'thusikkunnu' was bought by a few families of Mulanthuruthy in 1932 to construct a Simhasana church (Patriarchal parish church) under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy See and was registered in the name of Mor Yulius Elias Qoro, the then Patriarchal Delegate to Malankara. On July 9, 1938, a small church dedicated to St.George was consecrated here by Mor Yulius Bava.

Perumpilly church gained importance after Fr. P M Geevarghese Parappallil of Puthupally, Kottayam, was appointed Vicar by Mor Yulius Bava on September 9, 1959. The prayerful life, simplicity and dedication of this priest attracted many to this church. His concern for the poor and needy is recalled by many to this day. A number of welfare programs which included an orphanage, a school and a small hospital, were initiated by him. People's esteem for him rouse so great that when in January 1974 the Kochi diocesan assembly met to elect a bishop, Fr. Geevarghese was chosen with the consent of all. On 24 February 1974 H.H. Patriarch Ignatius Yakub III ordained him Metropolitan by name Mor Gregorios Geevarghese along with Mor Dionysius Thomas (H.B Catholicose Baselios Thomas-I) at the Patriarchal Cathedral, Damascus. H.G. Mor Gregorios continued to stay at Perumpilly Simhasana Church with the permission of Patriarch as there was no bishops house for the Kochi diocese. Mor Gregorios later shifted his residence to Kottayam after his appointment as Metropolitan of the Kottayam diocese in 1982.

Considering the increased number of faithful attending the church, H.G. Mor Gregorios took the initiative to reconstruct the church building in 1976. The renovated church, which can accommodate a congregation of about 3000, was consecrated by Patriarch Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka-I in 1982 during H.H's first Apostolic visit to Malankara.  On February 22, 1999, Perumpilly Thirumeni passed away and his mortal remains were interred in the sanctuary of the church as per his last wishes. Due to his long association with the Perumpilly church, Mor Gregorios was affectionately called Perumpilly Thirumeni. When the Patriarch of Antioch Mor Ignatius Zakka I made a short visit to Malankara again in April 2000, H.H. offered memorial prayers at the tomb of the late Metropolitan.

A small portion of the soonoro (girdle) of the Holy Virgin, discovered by Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem-I at Homs, and given to late Mor Gregorios by Patriarch Mor Ya`qub-III has been preserved at this church since 1974. The church also holds the sacred relics of St. Geevarghese Sahado, St. Gregorios (Parumala Thirumeni) and Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III. There are two Shrines under the church established by Perumpilly Thirumeni, one is at the entrance to the church named after Patriarch St. Ignatius Elias III and the other is located a few distance away from the church established in memory of Chathuruthy Mor Gregorios Bava (Parumala Thirumeni).  Besides an orphanage, a high School by name Hail Mary English Medium School and an hospital are being run under the management of the Perumpilly church.

H.G. Mor Julius Kuriakose,

the Senior Metropolitan of Simhasana churches in India




2.  Supplement, 2002

3.  Souvenir published in 1995 by the St.Peter's Cathedral, New Delhi




Photos taken on February 19, 2004

Inside view of the Perumpilly church

Tomb of Mor Gregorios (Perumpilly Thirumeni)

(on the Eastern side of the church)
The Shrine in memory of
  Parumala Thirumeni


View from the church

Relics of Patriarch St.Elias III is established in this Shrine



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